How does ARBIPayment work?

The cryptocurrency market is disperse with a lot of different exchanges, each with their own strengths and also a few weaknesses, not to mention that liquidity in general is spread evenly across a number of different exchanges.
We decided to try to come up with a world-class financial product of our own, where we used to be mainly in the house, now we are looking to expand and go global.
Arbitrage is the buying and selling of an asset simultaneously in different markets to profit from the price difference between those markets.
In a very simple example of how the cryptocurrency gap works, you will be looking for a specific currency that is cheaper on Exchange A than Exchange B.
Then, you buy coins on Exchange A, sell for a price. Higher on Exchange B and Pocket Differences.
The more trading volume, the bigger profit.

With 7 years of crypto trading experience on major exchanges, we have developed the arbipayment system where users can contribute capital so that we can make a bigger profit with each trade.
The profit we earn from the difference will be used to pay users with the profit of each different contribution package.
Your capital contribution will be received after each trading session, but to ensure the maximum profit your capital will receive after every 24 hours from the contribution
This is an opportunity for everyone when cryptocurrencies are in a booming phase and the market is spreading around the world because not all traders can use the Arbitrage method so arbipayment is formed to help users not sit and watch the hourly charts between Exchanges and still get maximum profit with their own capital.

What is cryptocurrency price difference?

With cryptocurrency trading still in its infancy and markets spread all around the world, there can sometimes be significant price differences between exchanges.
Crypto arbitrage enables to take advantage of those price differences, buying crypto on one exchange where the price is low and then immediately selling it on another exchange where the price is high.

Arbitrage implies purchasing and selling the same asset to gain profit from its price imbalance. This means that, when something is sold on a market at a low price and at a high price on another market, people can buy it from the first one and sell it on the second one, gaining profit from the transaction.

Arbitrage is the simultaneous buying and selling of an asset on different markets to profit from the price difference between those markets. In a highly simplified example of how cryptocurrency arbitrage works, you would search for a specific coin that’s cheaper on Exchange A than on Exchange B.
You then buy the coin on Exchange A, sell it for a higher price on Exchange B, and pocket the difference.

The concept of arbitrage trading is not a new one and has existed in stock, bond and foreign exchange markets for many years. However, the development of quantitative systems designed to spot price differences and execute trades across separate markets has put arbitrage trading out of reach of most retail traders.

However, arbitrage opportunities still exist in the world of cryptocurrency, where a rapid surge in trading volume and inefficiencies between exchanges cause price differences to arise. Bigger exchanges with higher liquidity effectively drive the price of the rest of the market, with smaller exchanges following the prices set by their larger counterparts. However, smaller exchanges don’t immediately follow the prices set on larger exchanges, which is where opportunities for arbitrage arise.

How long can I get my contribution back?

You will receive your donation after each trading session, but to ensure the best profit, your contribution and profit will be back in 24 hours.

How much profits I will recive?

User profits will be received depending on the level of your contribution.
The more you contribute, the more profit.
Please see more details here: => Capital Contribution

Is arbipayment a form of investment?

Arbipayment can be considered as a form of investment.
Any form of profit generation can be called investment.
Any amount can withdraw at any time.

Why does Arbipayment split our profits for us?

As you know the difference between exchanges is not much, the profit received will depend on the volume of each transaction, the more capital, the more profit.
So we need your contribution, and we will give you the profits we receive, a mutually beneficial form of exchange.

How many crypto payment gateway ARBI support?

We support more than 60 crypto payment gateways

Does ARBI support fiat money?

No, but yes.
We do not support deposits and withdrawals with fiat money.

However, we do allow you to convert cryptocurrency to fiat money.
You can use it to make a profit, or you can pass it on to others as a form of sale or gift.
Our conversion rates are higher than normal rates, so you can make a profit from converting cryptocurrency to fiat money, and selling fiat money to others.

What are fiat money that ARBI supports?


What is capital support?

Capital support is that users will receive a percentage support of capital when contributing a certain package investment.
For example, if the contribute package is 1.2BTC , the user only needs to deposit 80% of the 1.2 BTC package, ie deposit 1 BTC users will receive the full profit of the 1.2 BTC package.

How to get a capital support?

You can get more capital support by referring your affiliate friends.

How Referral Program work?

  1. Share your referral link to your friend
  2. Friend completes sign up and do invest.
  3. You get once time a capital support (20% of the value of the real investment) instantly once they have completed investing.
  4. You receive a commission when your subordinates are profitable.
  5. Check details here: arbipayment.com/home/Affiliate

Is Arbipayment Secure?

Safe security of our user’s wallets is our top priority.
We utilize multiple encryption approaches to make sure that our user's data is protected.
Additionally, our employ state of the art anti-flooding system in an attempt to block most incoming attacks on our servers.

Measures we take to protect your accounts:
• All user data is protected with AES-256 encryption and remains completely confidential.
• User's credentials are hashed via RSA-2048 encryption.
• Each incoming request must pass through the strict and secure SSL protocol certification.
• Complex user account passwords. A combination of letters, numbers, and symbols is supported and recommended.
• Multi-factor authentication (2FA) with email confirmation. This free and autonomous service should be used on every user account.
• All successful and failed login attempts are recorded with timestamps, IP addresses, and user locations. The algorithm automatically examines the authenticity of the email for potential spoofing attempts.
• Extra precautionary measures are taken with each failed login attempt. When the designated limit login limit is exceeded, the access to the dash is blocked and the IP address is blacklisted for an extended period.
• Our security algorithms is designed to monitor the unusual activity of each user account. Upon detection, any access to your account is immediately blocked, and all active sessions are terminated.
• User information is stored on a separate secure network with restricted access to anyone except the AE admins. The AE dash is protected by a secure firewall.
• As an extra layer of security, upon import of a new set of API keys, the AE security algorithm always checks to make sure the option to withdraw funds is disabled. In case the withdrawal is enabled, the API key will be automatically rejected.

How can I improve my password security?

The Arbipayment supports long and complex passwords. We highly recommend to set up a unique password with a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols. Additionally, Arbipayment supports 2FA (two factor authorization) authentication to for extra security layer.

Good password: @Qkszm148awgh,js
Bad password: honey123

What is Arbitrage Spreads?

Spreads algorithm was designed to assist arbitrage traders in making an educated decision by displaying the historical price differences between a pair across multiple exchanges.
The tool has become popular among arbitrage traders looking to increase the overall value of their portfolio rather than total coin volume. Value traders prioritize fiat growth over increasing the quantity of the total coin. Most value trading is performed manually by buying a coin with fiat on exchange A and moving it to exchange B in an attempt to sell it for fiat before tracking down another arbitrage opportunity.
Arbitrage spreads can easily scan the historic database and populate custom reports, enabling any trader to take notes of historic price gaps, while utilizing the data in planning the future wallet rebalancing strategy as well as the new arbitrage path.

For the arbitrage traders looking to grow the overall coin portfolio, picking an automated trading solution might be also efficient. All too often, however buying a coin on exchange A and simultaneously selling on exchange B isn’t always an option due to the fact that a coin not always being immediately available for trading and may require prior wallet rebalancing.
For instance: If you has decided to take advantage of (simultaneous buying/selling) 3% BTC/USD arbitrage opportunity between Binance and Huobi, he would need to have USD available on Binance and Bitcoin on Huobi. In that case, an automated algorithm would perform an action to buy a Bitcoin with USD on Binance, and simultaneous action to sell a Bitcoin for USD on Huobi. However, if Bitcoin wasn’t immediately available for selling, the automated transaction would not take place.
In most cases, the automated & commercially available arbitrage solutions existing today would still require some degree of manual involvement. Whether you’re planning a manual triangular arbitrage path, or setting up a plan for rebalancing wallets for series of automated arbitrage trades, the spreads data library will assist you in making your next forecast much more accurate.

What is Arbitrage Path?

Think of it as a complete & rewarding roadmap across validated cryptocurrency exchanges. The algorithm is made for discovering multi and intra-exchange arbitrage opportunities that are tough on the naked eye.

Arbipayment Path algorithm is different from most others in a way that goes far beyond traditionally accepted quotes based on the “last-price” strategy. The algorithm is designed to analyze & record book data in an attempt to measure liquidity for the purpose of considering the trade size as part of the arbitrage equation.

The end product is laser-accurate results that never fail. All too often, however, because of a lack of crucial volume/liquidity data, many starting arbitrage traders mistakenly trick themselves into unpleasant circumstances, where significant losses become an inevitable component.

Trading volume is an essential piece of information found in every high-frequency commodity trading algorithm. When the trading formula is lacking a liquidity component, the outlook becomes inaccurate.

How does it work?

Occasionally when the crypto market makes rapid shifts, arbitrage could come forward as a very rewarding trading strategy. Being in the right place and at the right time is rather considered an important ingredient to the recipe for successful arbitrage trading.

While Arbipayment expert continually scans the market for wider price spreads, the matching algorithm runs through millions of potential combinations in an attempt to display the most accurate arbitrage opportunities.

Each arbitrage path goes through a rigorous validation cycle before it is displayed to you. The validation process includes estimating the volume/liquidity for each pair, including the trade fees. This type of approach allows the algorithm to conclude in a much more accurate form.

There are multiple arbitrage strategies that are designed to be executed in different market conditions. Generally, during the active bear market, in order to avoid a sudden portfolio depreciation, it is a common practice to convert crypto pairs to fiat denominator at the end of each arbitrage trading cycle. Should the market suddenly find new lows, your portfolio will remain market risk-free.

Though, when the bulls are holding the flag, the game of trading suddenly shifts and becomes slightly more predictable as well as open for non-fiat arbitrage opportunities.

Arbitrage path is designed to validate opportunities. In fact, many automated arbitrage trading algorithms are specifically built for the Bulls market, where buying on exchange A and simultaneously selling on exchange B takes place for the purpose of increasing the volume.

In spite of its speculative nature, crypto arbitrage has proved to be successful. In the end, it’s a passive way to make some extra money without putting in too much effort – and since the rise of cryptocurrencies, this comes as no surprise. Since digital money is not a subject of social influences and no entity has control over it, people started preferring it because of its potential to increase in value over time.

Reliability of Data

Cryptocurrency space is very volatile; therefore the accuracy of collected data is crucial for the delivery of proper arbitrage quotes. Unlike some tools in the space of arbitrage trading that primarily rely on [ticker last price], Arbipayment goes far beyond by collecting real-time book data and analyzing each quote individually before displaying spread.

What does it mean for a day trader? The last price is simply an indicator of a closing trade, whereas the size remains an unknown factor. Nevertheless, it does not guarantee another execution of a significantly sized order.

For instance, according to the last price a 0.01 BTC ASK order was executed for $9,500, there is absolutely NO guarantee that another ASK order of 1 BTC will be identically priced unless a book is continuously scanned, analyzed and matched with a multitude of available ASK order(s). This approach ensures the accuracy of the quote & eliminates any room for unnecessary errors.

Trading volume is an essential piece of information found in every high-frequency commodity trading algorithm. When the trading formula is lacking a liquidity component, the outlook becomes inaccurate.

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