How Referral Program work?

  1. Share your referral link to your friend
    Login, then find the referral link in the profile section
  2. Friend completes sign up and did invest.
  3. You get once time a capital support** (20% of the value of the real investment amount) instantly once they have completed investing.
  4. You receive a commission when your subordinates are profitable.
  5. Check details below:

Note (**) Capital support: Your investment package will be plus 20% of the real amount you invest.


You invest 1.0 BTC, then you use capital support.
That investment package will be added 20%, equal to 0.2 BTC.

Meaning you can get more profits, because the investment package is worth 1.2 BTC.

After completed sign up, you can use two times free capital support.
Then for every F1 did invest, you can get one more capital support.

Contact us if you have any question:

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