Crypto Takes Over SXSW: Blockchain Events & Survival Guide

18/07/20 07:44AM
ARBI Payment Team

The last year has been incredible for blockchain technology, so it’s no surprise that crypto will be a huge theme at SXSW.

Most events can be accessed with a SXSW pass. Events that require an RSVP or ticket are marked with an asterix.

Events for ICOs and Investors

Initial Taco Offering - The Founders Organization
When: Sunday 11th March, 10:30AM–7:00PM
Where: Bob’s Steak House, 301 Lavaca St.

ICOS: Venture Financing from an Invisible Crowd
When: Sunday 11th March, 11:00AM–12:00PM
Where: Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon K, 500 E 4th St.

SXSW Crypto Summit: New Girls on the Block
When: Monday 12th March, 11:00AM — 10:00PM
Where: Hotel Van Zandt, 605 Davis St.

ICO Alternative Financing for Startups
When: Tuesday 13th March, 9:30AM –10:30AM
Where: Hilton Austin Downtown, Salon DE, 500 E 4th St.

Crypto Economy / ICO 2018
When: Wednesday March 14th, all day
Where: Empire Control Room, 606 E. 7th St.

$100,000 Blockchain Investment Challenge
When: Thursday 15th March, 2:00 — 4:00PM
Where: JW Marriott, Salon E, 110 E 2nd St.

Events for Blockchain Beginners

Blockchain and the Impact of a Decentralized World
When: Monday 12th March, 12:30–1:30PM
Where: Austin Convention Center, 500 E Cesar Chavez

What is Blockchain? How Will It Change the World?
When: Wednesday 14th March, 11:00AM-12:00PM
Where: JW Marriott, Salon D, 110 E 2nd St.

Finance and Economics Focussed Blockchain Events

World Tokenomic Forum: CryptoHaus 2018
Where: CryptoHaus
When: 9–13th March, all day

Trust in the Age of Misinformation
When: Saturday 10th March, 12:30–1:30PM
Where: Courtyard Marriott, Rio Grande Ballroom

SingularDTV Post-Panel Cocktail: Tokenized Economics and Mixed Drinks
When: Saturday 10th March, 4:30–5:40PM
Where: Austin Convention Center, 500 E Cesar Chavez.

Cryptocurrencies: A New Future for Money
When: Tuesday 13th March, 11:00AM — 12:00PM
Where: JW Marriott, Salon A, 110 E 2nd St.

How Blockchain Will Impact Financial Markets
When: Thursday 15th March, 3:30–4:30PM
Where: JW Marriott, Salon D, 110 E 2nd St.

Blockchain Events aimed at Developers

Blockchain & Ethereum Meetup
When: Tuesday 13th March, 9:30–10:30AM
Where: JW Marriott, Room 211–212, 110 E 2nd St.

Blockchain Opportunities in Mobility and Logistics
When: Wednesday 14th March, 2:00–3:00PM
Where: JW Marriott, Salon E, 110 E 2nd St.

Ethereum Will Disrupt Everything
When: Thursday 15th March, 11:00AM-12:00PM
Where: JW Marriott, Salon E, 110 E 2nd St.

Crypto Parties

Ethereal Lounge by ConsenSys
When: Friday 9th to Sunday 12th March, 8:00PM-12:00AM
Where: 87 Rainey St.
RSVP here

Just HODL by BYOBitcoin
When: Monday 12th March, 9:00PM — 2:00AM
Where: 601 Rio Grande St.

Tips to Survive SXSW

  • Plan the night before what you want to attend
  • Don’t try and go to more than 4 events per day.
  • Leave 60 minutes to transition to and from events.
  • Make sure you have a extra power packs for you phone, you will most probably be out and about much longer than you expect and will want to call an uber home!
  • Keep hydrated and don’t skip meals
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