How does ARBIPayment work?

23/07/20 17:44PM
ARBI Payment Team

Arbitrage earning is an important term in economics and finance. It is interpreted as a speculative profit-taking because of the price difference between the two markets: speculators buy from cheap places and sell immediately at high prices. Due to market inefficiencies, the same asset could be priced differently across the exchange. Therefore, you can buy an asset in one market and simultaneously sell it in another market at a higher price for profit. While considered to be a risk-free profit trading strategy, it’s almost impossible to execute manually as the key here is “simultaneously”.

The most effective way to take advantage of arbitrage opportunities in any market is to use software solutions to automate the Arbipayment.com process.

Maximizing arbitrage profits

Arbipayment is a well-known practice in the trading world. The price mismatches happen due to market inefficiencies. In response to this, arbitrage was introduced as a mechanism to ensure prices do not deviate substantially from fair value for long periods. And naturally, those who are helping the market are being rewarded.

First, the transactions are done manually. Today, with advances in technology, Arbipayment helps automate the process to make the market more efficient. Arbipayment trading systems are monitoring price fluctuations 24/7 and execute the trades almost instantaneously and simultaneously. As an effect to this, pricing errors are fixed in a matter of seconds and the arbitrage opportunities disappear with them. 

Arbitrage is necessary in the financial world. Arbitrage is a way to make a steady income daily. But you need to choose the right software solution to be able to participate. And, while most solutions are tied to a limited number of assets or markets for efficiency, you need to understand where is the best place to deploy your software solution for maximum profits.

Arbitrage exists since the market was first invented and as a trading strategy, it is used for any kind of market. Inappropriate prices happen every second. Balance transactions are automatically activated by the Arbipayment.com trading systems. And the profits are collected on each trade. It seems that a never-ending loop can generate money for you indefinitely. However, the traditional market is closely tied to working hours. When the working day ends, the exchange pauses the transaction. These are the times when your money machine stops. That's why you should look for a truly global market that never stops, it's the Arbipayment automated system. That’s why you should look for true global markets that never stop.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are open 24 hours a day no matter what. There are no weekends or holidays and the trading volume comes from all corners of the world at any given time. With such price action, there’s no surprise that cryptocurrencies are known for having wild price swings. In the crypto market trading on a 5-10% value change is an everyday thing.

And there’s another thing to consider. Most cryptocurrency exchanges are using so-called oracles to get their price data. Due to latency and lag, most of the time the latest price of exchange is not so up to date which creates another arbitrage opportunity. Arbipayment.com automated system cryptocurrency markets are gold mines for arbitrage trading if you can act fast and keep up with the 24/7 action.

Arbipayment.com automated system cryptocurrency markets

Arbitrage is not only repeated, but you will be able to make a profit just by buying and selling on the exchanges almost at the same time. Doing this task by hand is almost impossible. That's why you'll need a software solution to help you with the Arbahament automated system cryptocurrency market.

One solution is the Arbipayment.com automated system cryptocurrency  Buying and selling activities are carried out on two or more different exchanges independently but simultaneously

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