30/12/20 15:25PM
ARBI Payment Team

Dear user,

We are happy to inform members of arbipayment that the upgrade to the new system is complete.

With the cryptocurrency market trend breaking new records and our foundation has reaped huge profits from this market.

To thank the members of Arbipayment for accompanying us in the past time.

We have upgraded the system to a better version and have more profits for arbipayment members

Newly upgraded versions include

  1. multiply 5 times the interest rate and double the number of days you receive interest it.

See more: https://arbipayment.com/Home/CapitalContribution

  1. Profit received from F15% increased to 80%

See more : https://arbipayment.com/Home/Affiliate

  1. Invest & Get Return Reward


Return 1% of the invested amount immediately.

For example:

-       You invest: 1,000,000 Dogecoin

You get return reward: 10,000 Dogecoin

-       You invest: 2.50 Bitcoin

You get return reward: 0.025 Bitcoin

-       You invest: 100.00 Ethereum

You get return reward: 1.00 Ethereum

The maximum return per coin is 1000 USD, arbi payment supports over 60 coins which means you get more than 60,000 USD.

See more : https://arbipayment.com/i/ReturnReward

If you have any problems with your account, please contact us again.

Thanks & regards

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